Contingency along with some Probable Cause

It was a veritable plethora of music to be had this night in Chippewa Falls.  Five bars with bands and us with only one night.  We landed ourselves first into the James Sheeley House.  But, the band that was playing when we drove by the front window was on break by the time we got the minivan parked and walked ourselves through the door.  So, we elected to move on.

4th Floor at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill

It was a great night out, weather-wise.  Maybe the last night of warm weather for this year.  The crowd showed it.  It was a packed, don't call the fire marshall, sized crowd that was jammed shoulder to shoulder into Every Buddy's Bar & Grill to see Three Lakes, Wisconsin based, 4th Floor on stage.  It was that way all night until the last song.  Let me tell you what, 4th Floor didn't disappoint!

Ditchrunners at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill

The Chippewa Falls music season kicked back into gear starting this evening.  And it was a beautiful, beautiful night to be out.  The Wife was otherwise detained this evening, camping with the boy scouts up at the fairgrounds.  So I was out on a night of freedom.   It has been more years, decades in fact, than I care to admit since I was last riding a motorcycle in the country after dark.   If there isn't a freeway, or at least a very large road to roll on, I am always back home before sundown.  And my eyes?

Frantic Antics at Missy's

This is the third time I have seen Frantic Antics.  The first time, a solo trip, I came home and gave them an outstanding review.  I felt like, at the time, they deserved every word of it.  The next time we saw them, The Wife and I were popping in to Every Buddys Bar where they were playing, during band break of a different band over at the Snout.  That night they weren't sounding so good and kind of disorganized.   …At least during the few songs we were there for.


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