Made by Failure and Marked 4 Deletion

James Stage with Made By Failure
This night was the last night of warm weather in the forecast for a while, so it was a good night to get out on the town.  What made it even better was I was looking forward to the return of the band Made By Failure playing at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill.  The band is just returned from a bit of a hiatus.  There has been  a personal change and this is the first time I have seen them with the new lineup and I was looking forward to it.  Also playing was Wrapped in Glass, who I have not seen and sadly, still haven't.  We arrived after their set completed.  And, closing out the night a great surprise, in Marked 4 Deletion.  Heavy metal night in Chippewa Falls.

Looking Glass Down at James Sheeley House

Looking Glass Down at the Sheeley House
It was a quiet night when we initially arrived at The James Sheeley House in Chippewa Falls.  There were a few customers scattered around the bar.  The two man band on stage, Looking Glass Down were on their final couple of songs before taking a short break.  It was just the second time I had seen {Lucas Fischer} and {Tom Nutting} perform together.   I found myself even happier this time than last.  Seeing these guys is a great way to spend a night in the Chippewa Valley.

Scrimbo at Acoustic Cafe

scrimbo acousticCafe dec12 1
The first band of this Saturday night is one I have been hearing about for the past couple of months but have never seen.  Adam Thoms, also in the band Blue Room and Alyssa Rieper formally of the band Feathe have come together to form the band Scrimbo.  They have an eclectic mix of originals and songs written by friends.  At times the whole indie-discord-angst sound was too much for me.  But those times were not often, and overall I was very satisfied with the performance.  Great to see new bands in the Chippewa Valley!

JB Rollins, Sunny Roads & Mojo on a Saturday Night

I wrote this back in October, but never quite got around to getting it posted here.  So, under the category of better late than never....  There was lots of music in town on Saturday night.  Though we got out too late to catch the show at the Sheeley House, we were able to hit Every Buddys Bar & Grill.  At Every Buddys, they had what is usually their regular Thursday night open mic musicians on the big stage for a Saturday night.  The bar had a pretty good crowd and people were having a fun time.  Then, next door, The Snout Saloon had Mojo Lemon on their newly constructed stage.   A fun night to live in Chippewa Falls!

Twins of Evil - Manson & Zombie

manson mankato oct12 1
The Wife's cell phone signaled an incoming text message at a little after 11pm on Monday night.  We both groaned.  Usually a late text means we are being called on to babysit the next day.  And though our grand daughter is the sweetest, most darling creature in the world, it is always a game changer for the day's plan.  But, to our surprise we were not being summoned as grand parents, we were being called upon as heavy metal rock fans.  It was our friend from the cities, The Stash, who had some tickets the very next night for the Twins of Evil Tour, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie at the arena in Mankato Minnesota.  A long drive on a work night, but this was for the metal, we had to go.

Brass Monkey at The Snout Saloon

 brass monkey Snout Saloon oct12
When I walked in at The Snout Saloon, it was early second set.  We were meeting Number One Son and his recently betrothed there.  He had been there for a bit.  I ordered up my beers and gave the band a listen.  I was thinking "Lame", and expressed some displeasure to him.  He agreed.  I was thinking some of swilling through my beer and heading next door where The Magic Carpet show was playing.  But then sometime in the next half a beer the music changed over, got more modern.  The songs that I would have just as soon left forgotten, went away.  I got happier, and we ended up staying for the whole show.  I was impressed, and quite well entertained.

Charlie Meets Emma at The Goat

Emma Heitzig live at The Goat Coffeehouse June 2012
It was my first time at The Goat Coffeehouse in Eau Claire.  They are an infrequent stage to local music.  But, I had been clued in all the way from Chicago that this was going to be a good show.  I didn't really feel like I could miss it.  I wasn't disappointed.   Charlie Burns and  Emma Heitzig played 30 minutes over their scheduled time and I loved every minute of it.


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