Kyle Robl at ...well, at his house.


I was in St. Paul, at the office, when the email came into my laptop.  It was from Kyle who lives down the street from me.  "Hey" he said, "I realize this is really short notice but we are having a house show, a couple of bands in our living room",  hmmm, this could be interesting.  Then he went on to say  "I thought maybe I would open up for them.  Love for you to make it."  Kyle has six pianos in his house, whatta ya know my schedule just opened up.  This wasn't a show I was going to miss.

Back to see the Dead Pigeons at Harriett Brewing

I am in the big city once again tonight.  This night, I had a desire to hear some music after a long, long day.   It was a three hour and twenty minute drive to St. Paul this morning through copious amounts of snow and drifting and ice and all the stuff that seems to make up the normal Wisconsin-Minnesota winter.  That drive set the mood for the day and by quitting time was in need of some musical relaxation.  I caught a repeat show for me, some bluegrass courtesy of The Dead Pigeons at a local taproom.

Sarah Krueger at Volume One

One of the simply most beautiful venues in town, tonight hosted one time local girl, now Duluth resident, Sarah Krueger on their stage.   The Volume One Jingle Jams are going on.  I love their new downtown store.  The christmas lights on the outside of the building were sparkling.  And, even though over the years, particularly since motorcycles came back into my life, I am liking winter less and less.  Even past that, I have to say walking down the sidewalk seeing the fresh snow, the pretty lights, and knowing I was in for some good music, it was good to be out for a night on the town.


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