Lightening DOES strike twice - Bizarre oven Incident at the Danes

Joanna Dane's Rhubarb Bread overflowed into the oven earlier this evening sending smoke throughout the house. The Danes, still recovering from the well-documented "upside down cheese pizza" incident, learned the hard way that even wives make cooking mistakes now and again. "I saw her on the porch after my run tonight and I asked her 'why you outside woman?" " She sheepishly admitted to her crime, " said Andrew. The oven incident is the third major one of its kind at the
Danes in the past 12 months, according to local firefigter Ed "chainsaw" McGerk, neighbor and friend. "Every so's often we gotta go check on them crazies down on Willow street," replied Ed when asked about the most recent smoke out.

Video games! Calling all freak and geek men

Update: 5/9 - It looks like two people are out.  Andrew has family down and Gordon has some other plans.  This is further evidence that these guys have to be freaks and not geeks ...

Kara's mother, aka Nana, and her brother, Brandon are coming up for a visit today. They will be staying for a week, all cramped up in our spacious abode. Brandon is 24 (I think) and lives at home with his mom. So to keep him feeling at home, I am calling all freak and geek man to join us for a video game hoedown. I have an Xbox with a few good multi-player games. We can get some munchies, drinks, and set up the Xbox for a few hours of good ol' fashion a$$ whuppins video-game style.

said a$$ whuppins to commence this Thursday night, 7:30 pm. My largest TV is 32 inches. Of course the bigger the TV the better. If the men are interested, we can hold it at someone else's house as well.

Are the Honaker's considering a change of last name?

Throughout the pregnancy of our 3rd daughter, we had quite a bit of trouble coming up with a name for her. Even after she was born, we still had no name. It wasn't until her second day out of the womb that we picked her name, "Emily Rose Honaker". Finally at yesterday's Cinco de Mayo event, Andrew got to meet Emily. We knew from that day forward that the two would be mortal enemies (but that is another story altogether).


I just usually go with my own taste. If I like something, and it happens to be against the law, well, then I might have a problem. 

Hunter S. Thompson