The Plot Thickens

(Thickened even more by J. Abbott)
(and then thinned out again by A. Mullen)

Local Freaks and Geeks are buzzing about the sudden disappearance of Dane and family, questioning whether or not fleeing the state was the answer...," We're thinking he may try a name change..." Speculated one local freak.


Event Nears, Shirts Available

Excitement is building as the Freaks and Geeks camping event nears. The first of the t-shirts rolled off the press just after noon Thursday and straight into the hands of Aimee Abbott. "I think this shirt is Anwen's, but it looks great on me, so I will take it!" she was heard to say.

The shirts do look great!  A wonderful design by our own freak ...or is she a geek? Joanna Dane.  And a good job of printing by Chippewa Falls version of Evil Kinevil.

Around the Abbott house, lists are being compiled. A series of yellow stick notes stuck to the door of things that must not be forgotten.  Do we have bug spray?  Where is the sun screen?  Who left all this mud in the cooler?  It is a flurry of events around here as Thursday storms and tornados loom on the horizon.

A call from home...

Friday afternoon my sister Charlotte called and caught Aimee in the house.  She had the news that my mother had fallen again the day before.  It was during a time where my sister Charlotte was visiting her.  My mom brought something out, sat on the edge of the couch to show it, and somehow slipped.  She fell onto the floor and broke her left arm.


I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.

Hunter S. Thompson