Roger Waters at Excel Energy Center

I would have to say this concert was in the top five concerts I have ever seen.  The sound was perfect.  Clear, clean, no echo, no buzz.  Just like sitting home in your living room, except really big, really pounding, and loud enough that if it were really in your living room your neighbors would have called the cops.  The seats were very good.  Better than expected when we first walked in and sat down.  As it turned out, Waters played to our side of the stage much more than the other side.  We were just 19 rows back, on the lower deck, just in front of the front edge of the stage.  But, since the speaker system was ceiling mounted, the view was unobstructed.

The caller who never got through

Some say suspicion surrounds the Wisconsin Public Radio program, The West Side, and it’s guest, the speaker, Andrew Dane, whom witnesses say “stacked the deck” loading WPR call-in lines with callers favorable to his position during his segment.  I say outrage surrounds it.  One caller who we will call Harson Conaker so that they can remain anonymous tried to call into the radio show.  When asked what his question was, he was denied.  I thought the question was appropriate being about food, one of my favorite subjects.  All I wanted to ask was:  if pizza's "organic properties" were better prepared when the pizza is baked in the oven upside down.  I'm just saying, this Andrew, who is on the radio and talking about food, who must be a doctorate of foodology, must have the lowdown on how to seep the good stuff out of that favorite Italian delicacy.  I guess to truly know the answer, I must bake a pizza upside down.  I can only imagine the jubilation on family's face when I surprise them when they sit down and I open the oven and the sweet aroma of the upside-down-baked pizza fumes go wafting into their faces.  I can only imagine ...


No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

Hunter S. Thompson