Mojo Lemon at the Snout

Though still shy of a freak quorum, Snout regulars were joined this evening by the Chippewa Falls Chapter, Freaks and Geeks President, and High Queen, Joanna Dane. Braving the smoke, and wired on latte, Joanna, who tore up the dance floor to the sounds of Mojo Lemon was a bit of a surprise visitor at the Snout. Earlier in the day oddsmakers gave her only a 10% chance of later Snout attendance.

Monty Hall Trio at the Snout

One of the larger trios I have seen, with four members, the Monty Hall Trio bills itself as a "Funky Blues Rock" band. I think they had picked up a guest conga drummer for the evening at the Snout, explaining the extra body on stage. Overall, the experience was a good one. A young band, I think the members will be musicians to watch in the coming years. photo: John Pollock

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Alert Freaks & Geeks, it is time to don the lingerie and high heels.  Ladies, it is important for you to dig out something to wear too!  A sign of spring, UW Eau Claire's annual screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming up at midnight, February 15th on the UW campus.   Last year the Abbotts were the sole representatives from Chippewa Falls Premier Lunch Club and will be attending again this year.  If you are in the mood to take your inner freak out in public, the RHPS is the perfect place.  Contact the Abbotts for car pool possibilities.


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Hunter S. Thompson