Straight Up at the Snout

I really wasn't able to find much information out about the band Straight Up. Any amount of web searching seems to turn up blank. My only real source of information was my friend Jane on the next stool, who knows everyone and everything in the Chippewa Valley music scene.

First Picnic 2008

Luckily the Freaks and Geeks arrived on time today and managed to secure a picnic table at the popular Chippewa Falls park.  This was our first lunch in Irvine Park picnic area for 2008.  Crowds were heavy in the park and available tables went fast.

Gordon's hot soup was the most popular menu item, followed closely by Joanna's hot coffee, edging out Thorston's hot chocolate.

Mojo Lemon at the Snout

Though still shy of a freak quorum, Snout regulars were joined this evening by the Chippewa Falls Chapter, Freaks and Geeks President, and High Queen, Joanna Dane. Braving the smoke, and wired on latte, Joanna, who tore up the dance floor to the sounds of Mojo Lemon was a bit of a surprise visitor at the Snout. Earlier in the day oddsmakers gave her only a 10% chance of later Snout attendance.


I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes.

Hunter S. Thompson