Parent calls for safe crossings on busy streets

Reprinted with, or without the permission of the Chippewa Herald

Joanna Dane knows parents whose children live only three to four blocks from Hillcrest Elementary on Chippewa Falls’ West Hill.

It should be an easy walk for the children. But Dane said the parents wind up driving their children to school, even when the children get into the third, fourth and fifth grades.

Ross William Perry

It is hard to see a band you appreciate so much, breaking up. To know the troubles they go through together and see them looking to go their own ways. The Ross William Perry band has been entertaining Chippewa Falls longer than the four years we have lived here. But, now they are at a real crossroads.

Squeeze This at Accoustic Cafe

The Freaks & Geeks were out in numbers, as members Thorsten Landwehr and John Abbott, along with ternary geek, er, ah, freak(?) Jon Behling, joined with Chapter President, Joanna Dane, in Eau Claire tonight for music at the Acoustic Cafe. The occasion was for the performance of Squeeze This, a local two man Accordion Band made up of Paul Cook, of Chippewa Falls and his partner, Joel Jensen of Eau Claire.


Democracy as a system has evolved into something that Thomas Jefferson didn't anticipate.

Hunter S. Thompson