F & G Parent Makes Good

Termed the Teacher Who Remembers, Freak and Geek kudos go out to Jim Harris, father of F&G member Anwen Mullen. Jim, the subject of this Wisconsin Public Television mini documentary is lauded for his work in cleaning up unexploded ordinance, or bombs dropped by American planes during the Vietnam war, in Laos. Great job Jim! Thank you for aiding in this important cleanup effort.


Parent calls for safe crossings on busy streets

Reprinted with, or without the permission of the Chippewa Herald

Joanna Dane knows parents whose children live only three to four blocks from Hillcrest Elementary on Chippewa Falls’ West Hill.

It should be an easy walk for the children. But Dane said the parents wind up driving their children to school, even when the children get into the third, fourth and fifth grades.


Democracy as a system has evolved into something that Thomas Jefferson didn't anticipate.

Hunter S. Thompson