What Price, Fame. Redux...

In a big week for Freaks and Geeks in the mainstream media, Thorsten Ladwehr makes a big splash on the front page of Chippewa Herald! Freaks and Greeks received prominent mention in the article, adding to the credibility of Chippewa Falls premier lunch club. Luckily, being quick witted, Thorseten, was able to maintain our cover story, instead of divulging the true reason the group is called the Freaks & Geeks.

What Price, Fame...

High gas prices have little impact on telecommuting
by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio
June 10, 2008

With gas prices bumping up against $4 a gallon, many employees are wondering if they could work at home and ditch their increasingly costly commutes. Some organizations are showing more enthusiasm for telecommuting. But most employers aren't sold on the value of letting employees work from home


I just usually go with my own taste. If I like something, and it happens to be against the law, well, then I might have a problem. 

Hunter S. Thompson