Squeeze This at Accoustic Cafe

The Freaks & Geeks were out in numbers, as members Thorsten Landwehr and John Abbott, along with ternary geek, er, ah, freak(?) Jon Behling, joined with Chapter President, Joanna Dane, in Eau Claire tonight for music at the Acoustic Cafe. The occasion was for the performance of Squeeze This, a local two man Accordion Band made up of Paul Cook, of Chippewa Falls and his partner, Joel Jensen of Eau Claire.

The presence of greatness

It was discovered the other evening, over dinner at the Mullens, that we Freaks and Geeks and our meager claims to fame, pale in comparison to Paul. Who, is in fact, related to the one man, an American Hero, who inspired this bit of Bud Light greatness: {mp3}Bud_Light_Real_American_Heroes_Mr_Golfball_Washer_Inventor{/mp3}


By the unanimous agreement of all the ladies present at lunch today, Gordon Kauffman won the "Best Buns" contest. Lunches certainly have been getting much more exciting these days.

Straight Up at the Snout

I really wasn't able to find much information out about the band Straight Up. Any amount of web searching seems to turn up blank. My only real source of information was my friend Jane on the next stool, who knows everyone and everything in the Chippewa Valley music scene.


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