Nine Inch Nails at Target Center

nin2.jpgThis concert had been scheduled for August 2nd (a Saturday night) and was postponed to a Tuesday.  Never a good thing.  I usually come home and crank out on the keyboard all my thoughts on the whole event.  Then, wait a day, touch it up a bit and post it.  But, usually I am enthused.  I love live music, almost any live music. And, coming home from a show, I am usually pumped up and excited about the experience.  But then there are the exceptions.

The Smokin' Bandits at the Snout

chadsnout.jpgThe Snout was filled on Friday night in honor of Chad's birthday.  It was a great time with a great band, The Smokin' Bandits.  Chad was of course having a lot of fun.  Final problems due to his torn ligaments incurred at the Snout Golf outing seemed to be forgotten. ...or, lost in a haze of shots.  Chad, you throw a great birthday party!

Triple Shot at My Place

tripleshot.jpg Just the experience of going to the My Place Bar in Eau Claire always seems to slightly out-weigh any act I see there.  With it's recent winning of the first place "Award" for Toughest Bar in the Chippewa Valley, by Volume One.  It is an interesting place.  Not scary, like a big city bar, but it always seems just on the edge of violence.  For the most part, the violence all seems to be directed between the regulars.  Like a good bunch of friends who get together on the weekends to fight.


No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

Hunter S. Thompson