Saliva at Hipps

I really couldn't believe Facebook when I first saw the listing.  Saliva is coming to Eau Claire?  No, this had to be a different band.  This couldn't be the nationally touring group, it had to be some local band that had unfortunately chosen the same name, right?  Right?  It took a trip to google to get me to the official Saliva web site and discover in fact it was the real deal coming to our small town.  My understanding, garnered from a couple of parking attendants is the owner of Hipps Pub was friends with someone on the tour and when he asked, they delivered.

A night of Eau Claire Music

A great night of music as we caught three bands at three venues in one night.  First was the great voice and full band, Left Wing Bourbon at Pizza Plus.  We were in good company with lots of fans there.  Then, a walk down the street to The Mousetrap for Day Old Bread and finally as we came back into town, a stop at Missy's were Frantic Antics and Contingency were sharing a stage.  Its great when you have to choose between bands!

Layne Yost at The Vine

Back in December I was really looking forward to the first week in January because Layne Yost was going to be playing at the James Sheeley House just down the street from my house.  But with the closing of the Sheeley that show never came to happen.   When I was checking Facebook this week looking for a way to aleave our house bound stir craziness for the weekend, I found that Layne was playing at The Vine, a new wine bar in Eau Claire.  We had to go!  And the music?  Well worth the trip!

Kyle Robl at ...well, at his house.


I was in St. Paul, at the office, when the email came into my laptop.  It was from Kyle who lives down the street from me.  "Hey" he said, "I realize this is really short notice but we are having a house show, a couple of bands in our living room",  hmmm, this could be interesting.  Then he went on to say  "I thought maybe I would open up for them.  Love for you to make it."  Kyle has six pianos in his house, whatta ya know my schedule just opened up.  This wasn't a show I was going to miss.


I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes.

Hunter S. Thompson