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Love Buzzards at the Snout

I have to admit. When I walked into the door of the Snout and heard strains of the Tempations, My Girl, I nearly spun on my heel and walked back out. My expectations had not been high. A band, named The Love Buzzards, does not inspire confidence there was going to be great music to come.

But, I was on a rare night out on my own. So, I elected instead to stick it out for one beer. I was glad I did. Even before I made it to my usual spot, sitting on top of the pool table, I had decided maybe I had made the right decision after all. My Girl, had developed a distinctly un-Temptationesce southern rock sound. Yes, I decided as I sat, maybe this was a good decision after all. The Love Buzzards are a jam band. A group of random music players that cohesed together until eventually some bar owner somewhere had asked them "Hey, do you all ever play for hire?" So sometimes these things work out and sometimes they don't. In the case of Love Buzzards, it works out very well. Kevin Hardage and Tim Caswell on Fender Strats up front, with Kevin's barrel-chest  lyrics make for a great sound. It seems the southern rock sound was no coincidence, Hardage moved to Wisconsin from Texas. The high point for me was a slightly confused, (as all jam bands always perform) rendition of ZZ Top's LaGrange. Yes, they were a little mixed up. Yes, they forgot half of the opening verse, but when they played, they played *tight*. The two guitars were perfect. A low point, and even this was not that low, was Richie Sickels, the drummer, singing a Neil Diamond hit. I groaned when I realized what they were going to play, and yet they did it so exceptionally well, with Sickels sounding so much like Neil Diamond, that I must confess, I was pleased. The Love Buzzards are a jam band. They will play rock, blues, and ...I dunno, whatever it is that Neil Diamond is classified as. It will be a mix across the board of whatever they think of at the moment. If you aren't musically open to adventure, you will hate them. It also seemed like their sets were very short, but maybe that was just because I was having a good time. I do recommend seeing the Love Buzzards, with these caveats, you won't be disappointed.

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Hunter S. Thompson