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Crush at O'Leary's Bar & Grill

We had already committed to go to Eau Claire for the night to see some music.  We wanted to see Layne Yost’s all John Denver concert at the Unitarian Church, but that was an early show so I was casting around to see what else was going on.   Really there was a whole lot of nothing.  Oktoberfest in Chippewa Falls, and a couple of other end of year flings in other close by towns and most of the bars seemed like they took a bye-night on having a band.  What I did find though was the band Crush playing at O’learys.  We found them to be an unexpectedly good time.

Tom Flanary on stage with the band CrushI had never seen Crush before thought I had seen a few of the members in other bands.  Mike Wenzel often plays in with Jenny and the Jets.  Cole Doering I had seen playing in some other band out at the former Native Bay restaurant.  The other two players I don’t think I had seen before.  I was really just going to see them to fill in a blank hole in the wiki section of my web site.  I wanted to get their pictures on the band wiki page

And I said "Unexpectedly".  I know my expectations shouldn’t have been so low but I was in a hurry.  I only had about 30 seconds into researching them.  I found one music video on Youtube with bad sound.  --An eighties tune that I didn’t specially like.  I might have given it a full fifteen seconds when I said, yeah, this will do.  It was all about the pictures anyway, right?

So I was pretty happily surprised by what we ended up with.  I enjoyed the music.  Didn’t hear anything of that song I didn’t like.  (Maybe they played it in the first set? :-)  )    I really enjoyed the song selection.  I think maybe my favorite of the night was a cover of Seven Mary Three’s _Cumbersome_.  I really enjoyed that one a lot.  Like the song and they did it very well.   Tom Flanary on guitar was great.  I thought his timing was really good and really liked what he put into ever song.  Pete Kofman on drums did a great job as well.  Rock steady and not overpowering.  

Mike Wenzel on stage with the band CrushThey had great positive energy.  Lots of energy in general.  Mike was moving around on stage and having a good time on vocals.  Jumping around and doing lots of air guitar.  I’m not sure but I think he is usually a drummer so this was obviously a welcome change for him.  The Wife made a comment she felt like he had one too many buttons undone on his shirt.  It was a little TMI for her.  But I saw her bopping to the music too so it didn’t bother her that much.   Funny, the difference between the sexes.  I don't believe that is ever a thought that has gone through my head about a female singer....   We hadn’t eaten supper so we could make it to the previous show, so we left before midnight that way Wendy’s could screw up our drive-thru order.  Otherwise we would have loved to have stayed longer.

The dance floor was for all intents an purposes filled on almost every song.  I was lucky to shoot the video I did.  I think that was the only time most everyone went for a collective beer.  The rest of the time it was busy.  The bar was quite full the whole night, I think we took one of the last tables when we arrived and it stayed full the whole night.  Crush kept a crowd.

So the dance floor was full.  With whom?  Yeah, that was interesting as well.  At one point I counted  fourteen women with two guys and one guy in khaki slacks and a slouching beret.  I am not sure which column to put him into.  What I am saying though is, Crush is a “Women love them” band.  Guys, If you are looking for someplace to bring your wife on date night.  Or, if you have misplaced your spouse and want to find her, maybe the best place to look is in front of the stage where Crush is playing.

Good night.  Two great shows.  We are so lucky to live here.


Mike now sings with RavenWolf (Ravens & Wolves had to make a name change because of an internet conflict) and we'll be performing Oct. 1 at Owen Park at 5p.m. for a benefit for Feed My People, along with Jenny and the Jets and Transistor Radio. RavenWolf was created by Kai Ulrica and Nikk Wolfe of Wolves At The Door.

We'll also be at The View on October 17th for our first full-night gig.

Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and the rest of the website is extremely good. 

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