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Fuel at Every Buddys

A few weeks ago I saw Saliva down in Eau Claire.  Big name band.  Not many of the original band members around though.  I left there slightly less than happy.  Different night, Fuel playing on the big stage at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill, just down the street from my house.  Not many of the original members left.  One in fact. And yet a whole different experience.  Tonight it was the original and very distinctive voice of Brett Scallions.  But above and beyond that, this band was tight.  The sound setup was perfect.  The vocals were not those of too many cigarettes and whiskey, they were crystal clear and flawless.

I just found the whole show really quite amazing and I have been playing The Best of Fuel, (uh?) record since.  Let me take a quick side trip here.  What are we calling things these days?  Is "record" the term that is going to get settled on?  I never did like the term album because I would run into the occasional grammar nazi who would jump me because I grew up pronouncing it al-blum.  I haven't bought a cd in years.  Anyway, I bought it on iTunes before the show to get refreshed.  I remembered being quite a Fuel fan a few years back.  

What was truly amazing is Brett sounds exactly like the recorded version of the song.  Exactly.  Like, number one, vocally the guy hasn't aged. At all.  Wow.  I am sitting here finishing up this post two weeks after the show and I am still blown away by that.  If you were at some point in your life a Fuel fan you are going to love this show.  I hate to go on and on about this but there are two types of big stage, headlining acts we get here in small town America

I was at the show wounded.  I can't really blame The Wife.  I don't really call her into action all that often but I had these two sheets of walnut plywood riding around in the back of the van for a week and a half, waiting for more substantial help to show up.  The timing was never quite right though.  So today something else had to be hauled, the wood had to move.  She didn't live the… ahem, experience of living in an old house and the continuous construction that implies.  She didn't live that life until I came along.  Anyway, things happen, it slipped.  Lucky though.  It didn't hit the floor.  My foot was there to catch it.  …Is how I am going to play it.    As treatment I took a margarita with a shot on the side.  I was fine by showtime.

It was pretty cool because the crowd was made up mostly of Fuel fans.  When the lead singer wanted us to sing along, we all knew the words.  That is always very cool.  In particular the song _Shimmer_ was sung mostly by the crowd at full volume.  It is fun to live experiences like that.

I am going to find fault eventually.  Allow me to speak to the band for a minute… Because I ask the question, are you musicians or are you a contract?  I don't know if you guys know about small bars, and maybe small in particular small bars in Wisconsin.  But you had a bar full of fans sitting for a hour and a half because not one but two of your warm up bands ditched you.  That can make you look bad.  It doesn't have to, but it did.  It did because you left us standing.  I realize you came to us to perform your set, but unlike lots of big name bands that stroll through our po-dunk town, you guys were really good.  You could have started half an hour early, heck even thrown us a couple of covers.  Or, coolest of the cool, played us something that had never been heard live before.  That would have, could have, been amazing.  Instead you played from 11:04 until 12:34.  Thank you for fullfilling your contractual obligation but...

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Hunter S. Thompson