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Crankshaft at Harriet Brewing

I am in the big city tonight.  I found out my friend, The Jewess, was at a Seder celebrating the second night of Passover.  With her gone I had little incentive to arrive at her house before 10:30 other than her cat, Zee, who seems to care for me dearly.  I decided it would be fun to hit the Harriet Brewing tap room for their regular Tuesday night staging of the band Dead Pigeons.  What I found there, was not the Pidgins but something just as pleasing.  The two piece band Crankshaft and they were very tasty indeed.

For my part, I had already celebrated Passover in true atheist fashion, with a large ham sub at one of my favorite bars.  I figured I am on a greased sled toward hell anyway and I do *love* a good ham sandwich.  There are few things I consider more worthy of an eternal damnation than ham. …Of course I tend to partake in most of those other things that involve eternal damnation as well, but that is just the life I enjoy.  Leaving the sub shop I got the idea to have one more beer with some music background.

I should have really already known the Pigeons would not be there.  After all, they sent out several Facebook announcements they would be on a US tour for a month and made their first stop Menomonie last Wednesday --a show that I quite sadly missed because while they were close to my home, I was in the city close to theirs.  But I had forgotten about all this and it wasn't until I arrived in the parking lot and heard a few notes that I remembered.  Of course those notes were the final notes of the set.  It seems I can show up at just at the start of set break even without the help of The Wife.  By the time I arrived inside the band was off the stage.

So the band of the night was Crankshaft.   Made up of Alex "Crankshaft" Larson and joining him this evening was Liz Draper.   She on a stand-up bass and he was on an electric guitar.  The bass player, except for the briefest of smiles at the end of a song was expressionless.  The guitar player, with a long mohawk that draped down to nearly to his shoulders had a face so full of expression it was like it was made of putty.  Between them they had a real garage band sound, rough and raw, punchy with plenty of 60khz whine in the speakers during quiet moments.    

It was a short final set, maybe eight songs that I got to see.  Unfortunately music ends at ten p.m. at Harriet Brewing.  They did a great Howlin' Wolf song.   Another that I recognized was by The Stadells, but very much updated with Crankshaft goodness.  At one point someone came up to the stage and remarked they saw the Liz had a bow with her.  They asked her to play some bass on the bow rather than the traditional string plucking we had seen so far.  So they played something that seemed classical.  When it was over Alex said "That was very sophisticated for Crankshaft" but that is what I love about live shows.  When even the musicians are surprised about how it turns out.

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