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Who are the Freaks and Geeks?

Freaks and Geeks, Chippewa Falls Premier Lunch Club. Serving a wide variety of oddities including lentils, chilis, stinky cheeses, and crisps. A lunch club that brings the lunch back into club.

For just over two years the "Freaks & Geeks" have been meeting Tuesdays for lunch. All in a vain attempt to do one thing.... Serve a better lunch. We are a group of friends and neighbors who have built some great memories around some of our social events which have included a group camping trip, annual New Year's Eve party, Halloween party, a talent show and a 70's party and more events to come.

Who are the people of the Freaks and Geeks lunch club?

The Freaks & Geeks: Kara, Carson, Amanda, John, Paul, Joanna (chapter President and High Queen), Andrew, Gordon, Jon, Aimee, Anwen, Heather, Erin, and Krista.

And, our Squeeks:

Too numerous to name!

For more information, membership application, or to sponser one of our children to the four year private college of our choice, see your local Freaks and Geeks representative or visit

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Hunter S. Thompson