Hollywood Undead at First Avenue

Hollywood Undead on stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis

It was a case of buying the tickets so long ago it was sort of surreal the date had finally arrived.  In downtown Minneapolis, the bar First Avenue was playing host to Hollywood Undead with of course special guests.  It was a Tuesday night show, so The Wife was likely to be free to come to the city.  Close to our anniversary.   It seemed like a great time and as it turned out it was.   The weather was perfect.  A little dinner after the show.  A superb night in the big city.

Crush at O'Leary's Bar & Grill

We had already committed to go to Eau Claire for the night to see some music.  We wanted to see Layne Yost’s all John Denver concert at the Unitarian Church, but that was an early show so I was casting around to see what else was going on.   Really there was a whole lot of nothing.  Oktoberfest in Chippewa Falls, and a couple of other end of year flings in other close by towns and most of the bars seemed like they took a bye-night on having a band.  What I did find though was the band Crush playing at O’learys.  We found them to be an unexpectedly good time.

Halestorm at The Myth

I think it was about three in the afternoon when my Facebook started to light up.  Friends expressing remorse that they were not in St. Paul.   What?  I’m in St. Paul and bored to tears.  What the hell is going on?  Why do people want to be here?  It wasn’t until my friend The Fan posted that I had some actual details.  She was on day two of what turned out to be a three day recovery from food poisoning and was going to miss her all time favorite female performer.   The Fan is never wrong about a show.

Woodshop at Mears Park

Two days of hot and muggy with only a day of transition to sweatshirt weather and dry.  But if you were wearing that sweatshirt, it was a beautiful day to sit outdoors.  Today at Mears Park in downtown St. Paul was just such a day.  In the band shell a mixed three piece band, guitar, drums and a guy who seemed to revolve around the harmonica, washboard and Kazoo.   So with some sunshine and oldtimey blues, my lunch hour was a pretty enjoyable thing.

The Final Practice.

I hate to get into a whole membership has its privileges thing… But I got a text message the other day reminding me I had been invited to atten the final rehearsal of a flute duet.  It was the _Duets on American Motifs_ by Franz Doppler performed by Julie Majkowski and Tim Anderson, accompanied by Judy Brist on piano.   The music was sweet and recognizable and I thought very well performed.  It made a great break for a Saturday afternoon.

Lindsey Stirling at Northrup Auditorium

On June 4th the beautiful Northrup auditorium played host to rock violinist and independent artist Lindsey Stirling.  I confess, other than her cover of the Imagine Dragon’s song, _Radioactive_, the one she did with Pentatonix, I hadn’t heard that much.  So the music was a bit of a surprise.  A happy one.  I loved it.  All of it.  Lindsey also knows and understands what makes up entertainment.  All making for an excellent concert and a great date night for The Wife and I.

Jenny & The Jets at Bracket Bar

Jenny and the Jets at Bracket Bar.  May 2015

It's tough to review a band like this.  Where so much depends on the vocals and yet the vocals may vary.  I think though it is such a cool concept. I have been to karaoke shows before mostly as the guest of people who think they can sing.  Reading a teleprompter to canned music.  I mostly found those situations annoying but this was really different. Instead, of a backing track, Jenny & the Jets is live band karaoke.   Instead of being on stage solo, when you have the mic in your hand, you have the whole band behind you.  Very cool concept, very cool indeed.


I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes.

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